Living Generously!

“And a child shall lead them.”

Several years ago, two young boys went to a professional baseball game hoping to catch a foul ball. When the moment came, one of the boys saw the ball coming right toward him. He was ready and nobody else was near him. I’m sure he thought, “This is mine! I’ve got it!” Then suddenly, running down the stadium stairs, the other and slightly older boy rushed in, held out his baseball cap like a glove, and snatched the foul ball before the younger boy could catch it.

living-generously-photo-oct-news-2016The boy who caught it cheered as he climbed back up the steps to his seat. The younger boy threw down his glove in frustration and disappointment and fell into his mother’s arms for support. Back up the stairs, the older boy noticed what he had done. He turned to see the younger boy with his mother. And without any hesitation, the older walked back down the steps, and gave the ball to the younger boy. That’s Living Generously!

When the prophet Isaiah declared that a child would lead the people of Israel, we believe he was speaking of Jesus. Jesus is the model of generosity for others. He gave his life for us.

This month we are being inspired to live generously. First, we are knowing God’s generosity toward us. Then we are opening ourselves to be filled with God’s goodness until it overflows in our hearts. Then we are challenging ourselves to respond with active generosity toward all people. Only out of the flow of God’s mercy and grace can we experience the generosity of life.

Come each Sunday. Meet with others to learn more about God’s generosity, and let’s work together so that others in our community will also know the greatness of God and the joy of following Jesus Christ.

I’ll see you on Sunday!

Pastor Roger


big-praise-adventures-children-2016Big Praise Adventures 9:00 AM Sunday mornings.

This is open to all youth pre-k through high school. Younger youth will participate in the study “ Deep Blue”. Older youth will start with a four week study of “God is Not Dead”. To help or for questions, please contact Robin Stolarcyk. Please join us!

Christian Fellowship Class 9:00 AM, Christian Fellowship Room (B6).

We will be studying Peter for 12 weeks. Please join us. Leader: Shirley Prentice.

Pray & Learn Group, 11 AM, Sunday mornings.

Everyone is welcome to join. Questions contact Pastor Roger.

Monday Night Ladies Bible:

6:30-8:00 p.m., Disciple Room. Study Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst.  “Living loved when you feel less than, left out and lonely”, Weekly videos & discussion.  Contact Norma O’Connor. You are invited to come join the journey!

Tuesday Women’s group.

Join us on Tuesday’s at 12:45 in the Disciple Room, for a time of friendship, good food, & great conversation. Questions contact Dottie Brownlow or Pat Winters.

Small Group Book Study, 9:15—11:15.

Everyone is welcome to join. Questions contact Amy O’Brien.

Pray & Learn Group.

Join Pastor Roger on Wednesday evenings from 6:30—8:00 PM in the Christian Fellowship Room (B6) for prayer, learning & fellowship. Bring a friend.


Operation Christmas Child

operation-christmas-child-logoShoe Box Collection

We are once again collecting for the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes. We are also taking donations to help with the shipping costs.

Shoe boxes are available in the back of the church. Instructions are included in the shoe boxes.

The deadline to turn the shoe boxes into the church is November 15th.
If you have any questions please contact Joyce Neumann or Karen Hojsik.


bake-saleElection Day Bake Sale:

We are inviting everyone interested to bake something of their choice.  All proceeds will go to the general fund.  Please contact Connie Gray, Diane DeFrancisco, or Sandy Wightman if you can help!

Knitting for the Lord.

Meets Tuesday evenings 6-7 PM, in the Knitting for the Lord Room/Youth Room (B6). All are invited to attend. Contact Lynne Masland or Sue Alcott with questions.

couponCoupons To Care Group:

Still collecting coupons & distributing items.  Please contact Sharon Quackenbush or Linda Brooks with questions.   Leave coupons in Linda’s mailbox.  Contact Sharon or Linda, if you know of someone in need.  Requests are confidential.

Quality Steam Clean

Will donate 10% of all work done to our church for anyone having their carpets or flooring cleaned with the coupon in back of the church (see specials on coupon) also in online events or ask the church office for one.
Note: For phone numbers for any of the group leaders please contact the church office at 648-4339.  Thank you.