It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
Galatians 5:1
On July 4, 1776, the colonists living in our country declared their independence, their freedom from Great Britain. But just writing the Declaration of Independence and signing it was not enough. The colonists had to fight a long, bloody war so that they could be free.
We thank God for people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and all the other early leaders in our country because of the sacrifices they made. We enjoy freedom today-especially freedom to worship God in peace and without fear of persecution. But, not everyone who fought in the Revolutionary War cared about religious freedom. Not everyone even loved or believed in God. But many, many of these people did know and love Jesus. Francis Scott Key did, for example. He wrote our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.
Today, hardly anyone knows or sings stanza two thru four. Here are the words to the fourth verse of the Star Spangled Banner.
O! thus be it ever when free men shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation;
Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav ‘n-rescued land
Praise the Pow ‘r that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just;
And this be our motto, “In God is our trust!”
And the star spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Because of this stanza and its history, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to print this motto, “In God We Trust,” on all of our money. Unfortunately, we have reached a time where this is being challenged.
It is not only because of the colonists and all the brave men and women who have fought to keep our nation free since that time, it is also because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for our sin and set us free.
As you celebrate Independence Day this month, remember to thank God for all the heroes who fought and died so our country could be free. But remember, too, to thank God for his Son Jesus, who died to win eternal freedom for us, freedom from sin and its guilt. This freedom is already ours and it will be ours forever in heaven.
Grace & Peace, Pastor Bob
AS MANY OF YOU ALREADY KNOW, worship and church sponsored small groups have been canceled effective immediately until further notice.
   Even though we cannot gather for worship at this time, the church bills have not stopped. The church is getting by “paycheck to paycheck”, like many of you. We are taking measures to try to weather storm, so we return to worship and continue to serve the community when the situation improves. There is not much in the budget that can be trimmed, as so we need our members to continue to contribute what you can as to tithings and offerings.
Finance information-
   * Monday’s of every week we will collect, record and deposit any pledges, Donations and Loose Funds.                 Please mail to the church at: 1st UMC of Chenango Bridge, PO Box 501, Chenango Bridge, 13745.
    * Bank Accounts and Expenses will be reviewed weekly to ensure Bills are paid in a timely manner.
    * Any financial questions should be directed to David Lewis at 607.727.0250.
    * Search for any potential financial opportunities that will provide additional income to meet the continue          operation expenses through this unknown period.

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Small Groups

No small groups will be meeting at the church due to the corona virus until the ban is lifted. Some groups are meeting online . Please contact your group leader for more information.

Sunday School. Sunday mornings 9:00 AM. Any one willing to volunteer as a sub please email Robin Stolarcyk. Open to all youth pre-k through high school. Please contact Robin Stolarcyk for more information. (Contact the church office for Robin’s email address)
Christian Fellowship Class. Sunday mornings 9:00 AM.  Please join us. Please contact Shirley Prentice for more information.
Pastor’s Study & Prayer Group: Sunday mornings 11:30 AM, Room B6. Everyone is welcome to join. Questions contact Pastor Bob (910) 260-0551 or 648-4326. (Meeting online right now contact Pastor Bob for details.)
Youth Group meetings, 1st & 3rd Sunday evening of each month at 6:00- 8:00 PM in the Loft. All youth 5th – 12th Grade are invited to attend. Please contact: President: Mason Stolarcyk, or Pastor Bob (910) 260-0551 for more information.
Unity Circle: Ladies Group, 2nd Monday of every month 11:00 AM. All ladies are invited to join. Contact Bev Hamm for more information. (Some dates the ladies have luncheon’s instead so check with Bev if you are interested in joining.) No meetings in January, February, July & August.
Ladies Monday Night Book Study: Monday evenings 6:30-7:30, Room B4 (Disciple Room). All ladies are welcome! Contact Karen MacKenzie if interested. These ladies do not meet for the summer. They will resume in the fall. Please contact Karen for more information.
Rachel Circle: Ladies Group: 3rd Tuesday of every month 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM in the Frazer Room (B18). All ladies are invited to join. No Meetings in July & August. Contact Marita Root  for more information.
Knitting for the Lord: Tuesday, evenings, 6:00 – 7:00 PM, Room B2. Prayer shawls are available for those in need. Please contact Sue or Lynne if you know of someone in need. Contact Sue Alcott or Lynne Masland for more information & for summer meeting places & times. 
Choir: Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00 PM. Everyone is welcome to join. Contact Carla Fako for more information. No meetings after memorial day for the summer.
Note: If you need contact information for any of the leaders above, please contact the church office at or 607-648-4339

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As we move forward in this Covid -19 environment, we should try and remember our blessings.  “For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have. “- 2 Corinthians 8:12 

Several parishioners have made suggestions on support for a variety of charities.   There are so many not-for-profits in need.   If you have prayed on it, and are interested in donating some of your stimulus money to a good cause, we wanted to share the mission focus for the “Go” team:

July Mission: Whitney Avenue Rescue Mission. The Rescue Mission provides 32 beds to men who have previously experienced homelessness or were referred to the facility through a community agency. Residents are offered three meals daily, case management and other support services needed to move out of homelessness and into lasting life change.  They have had to close their Thrifty Shopper store that accounts for more than sixty percent of their operating income. Please write RESCUE MISSION on the memo line of your check.

August Mission: CHOW.  The Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse  through its network of nearly 100 partner agencies (pantries, community meals and non-profit organizations), distributes over 175,000 pounds of food each month. We traditionally have donated food to CHOW or a partner agency on the 4th Sunday of each month.  Please write CHOW on the memo line of your check.

If anyone is interested in receiving the Upper Rooma devotional booklet, please call Tom and Donna James – who would deliver it in a socially distanced  manner to your house! Call 648-7934 

Jill Lyon also received some additional information included with the Upper Room bill on how to view the Upper Room Devotional on the internet (see attachments). She asked that I might pass that information along to you as well. Please note: There is also other devotional information in these letters.

Other online devotionals that you may be interested in are Our Daily Bread which you may get to from this link: Just click on the today’s devotional & it will take you to it. It will also read it to you if you would prefer that. Also Girl Friends in God which you may access at this link: You may also sign up & have both of these emailed to you.

Several parishioners are making phone calls to community and church family members.  We have offers from people to run errands as needed.   If anyone is interested in making calls or in need of an errand, please let us know!  Wes and Karen MacKenzie, 845-729-0110

Maines Give Back Program Fundraiser: For every twenty (20) dollars spent, our church receives $1.00. Obtain your Maines membership card application from the church secretary Monday – Thursday 8 AM – 1 PM or email: or from this website under the forms section. You may also apply directly at Maines store. If you do this please give us your name so that we may add you to our list. Thank you!

Knitting for the Lord has prayer shawls & prayer blankets available for those in need please contact Sue Alcott or Lynne Masland if you know of someone in need. 

Knitting for the Lord is once again accepting machine washable yarn. Thank you for all of your help & support in our missions.

Fund Raiser for First United Methodist Church of Chenango Bridge.  Present this advertisement (below) and 10% of all work done will be donated to the church. For all questions and appointments please contact Quality Steam Cleaning. (You may also find this coupon in the back of the church or contact the church office.

For all questions or appointments contact Quality Steam Cleaning.

If you drop off items to the CRC room please leave your name & contact information for the ladies. Thank you for your help & assistance

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