AS MANY OF YOU ALREADY KNOW, worship and church sponsored small groups have been canceled effective immediately until further notice.
   Even though we cannot gather for worship at this time, the church bills have not stopped. The church is getting by “paycheck to paycheck”, like many of you. We are taking measures to try to weather storm, so we return to worship and continue to serve the community when the situation improves. There is not much in the budget that can be trimmed, as so we need our members to continue to contribute what you can as to tithings and offerings.
Finance information-
   * Monday’s of every week we will collect, record and deposit any pledges, Donations and Loose Funds.                 Please mail to the church at: 1st UMC of Chenango Bridge, PO Box 501, Chenango Bridge, 13745.
    * Bank Accounts and Expenses will be reviewed weekly to ensure Bills are paid in a timely manner.
    * Any financial questions should be directed to David Lewis at 607.727.0250.
    * Search for any potential financial opportunities that will provide additional income to meet the continue          operation expenses through this unknown period.

Why Is God Taking His Sweet Time?

If you search the scriptures, you will find that our God is a God of waiting. He takes His time to accomplish things; whether it is something we’re hoping for, a change in an individual’s life, or a significant event in history. God is apparently in no hurry.
We, on the contrary, are just the opposite. We live in a fast-food, fast-track, fast-paced world that refuses to slow down. And when your hurried” get it now” lifestyle, designed to eliminate the wait, runs into God’s patient process, we find ourselves hit right in the face with frustration.
Whether it’s graduating, getting married, having children, receiving a promotion, accomplishing a dream, being healed of an illness, or anything else that is slow-coming, God’s delays sometimes simply teach us the value of waiting upon Him.
Waiting makes us dependent on God. When things aren’t happening, regardless of our efforts, we must depend on the Only One who can make things happen. This, of course, takes us out of the driver’s seat and gives God the controls. Likewise, when we can’t speed things up, but must be patient for results, we are forced to acknowledge that we are helpless and that we need God. This teaches us to no longer depend on ourselves, but to depend on our Father in Heaven.
Waiting teaches us faith. Scripture tells us “without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11 :6). It couldn’t be more simply said. God wants us in the waiting room to stretch us and teach us that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).
Waiting puts us in proper perspective. By realizing we are not in control of the
timing of certain things makes us realize that we actually have no control over anything that happens. God gives us the very air we breathe. He keeps our hearts pumping. He holds the lives of our loved ones in His hands. Having a proper understanding of the fact that the Lord is in charge and He sets His own timetables, causes us to precede our statements and plans with the phrase: “Lord willing” (James 4:14-15).
Waiting forces us to be still before God. Regardless of how quickly this world races by, our God still wants us to wait on Him and for Him. By learning to just be still and meditate on the goodness of God (Psalm 46:10), we will begin to see a maturity and calmness in our lives that wasn’t there before.
One last thing to remember when you find yourself waiting on the Lord, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God…” (Romans 8:28).
Grace & Peace, Pastor Bob

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