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First things first!

Roger web photo -GIF-150x150No other relationship is as important as a relationship with God. God loves us all, regardless of anything else. And when we can live in relationship with God, life becomes new. I invite and challenge everyone to open themselves to a new relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. And I invite everyone to join us to know God deeply and personally, to grow in our experience and understanding of God every day and through every experience, then we can be a blessing to all people, serving others with love so that they also know, grow, and go to serve God and others in Jesus’ name.

Relationships make life meaningful. And first is my relationship with God, my loving Creator. The second most important relationship is with my wife, Carolyn, who is a generously loving and talented woman (though she’ll blush when she reads this) of God. She has committed herself to me and our two young-adult children who are in college.

Please join us on Sunday mornings for worship. Choose the style that best helps you connect with God: a classic service of liturgy or worship with a praise band. Make new friends in a network of love and support. And work with us as we share God’s love to all people in words and actions in many ways.

God bless you! And we look forward to meeting you soon.

“I am not ashamed of the Good News of Jesus Christ because it is the power of God to bring salvation to all people.” –Romans 1:16

Pastor Roger

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